We are a German-Swiss collective.

With us, you'll hear Electronica, Downtempo, Organic House, and even some faster beats. Danceable, organic, and groovy is always the vibe!

We transform clubs into jungles, work with video installations, and design locations with great attention to detail.

Experience the special atmosphere for yourself and come by!

Seba Campos is a DJ and producer from Chile based in Germany. His unique sound connects his South American roots with the electronic music scene in Germany. His productions have been released by labels such as Acker Records, Cosmic Awakenings, WAYU Records, House Music With Love, trndmsk, and many more. For over 10 years, he has been organizing parties & festivals and loves to see happy faces and dancing people!

Mich Szedlak was born and has remained in Bern. He is a producer, DJ, co-founder of the Laschan Laschan Collective, and the legendary "Club Lento" party series in Bern. For several years, he has been the managing director and booker of the legendary event location Turnhalle in Bern, Switzerland.

Soleil Levant, the resident DJane at Orgánica parties. She always spreads good vibes and plays beautiful, beat-driven music that makes the sun rise every time.

Michael Kohler, aka DJ Choler, was born in Bern and has stayed there. He loves to create new worlds with design and decoration. From the beginning, he has been a part of it, as his ideas fit perfectly with the Orgánica concept. Despite his love for details, he never loses sight of the sustainability of his settings and materials. For many years, he was an integral part of the Heitere Fahne in Bern, where he co-developed the concept and collective. By now, he has become indispensable at Orgánica events!

David Fiege, musician, DJ, and producer, is an integral part of Organica Records. With his graphics and ideas, he continuously pushes the concept forward!


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